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Empowering Our Community Through Science

What is Black Scientists Matter?

The mission of Black Scientists Matter is to empower our community through science.

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Why Do Black Scientists Matter?

Black people comprise 13% of the United States population, but less than 5% of graduate students pursuing Ph.D’s in STEM and 8% of the STEM workforce (National Science Foundation, 2019)

Click the link below to hear real scientists explain what the Black Scientists Matter movement means to them.

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Check Out Our Blog: The Blacklist

The Black List is an online platform dedicated to giving a voice to Black scientists, Black students, Black educators, and Black science enthusiasts with the goal of building an online community through science. Our content is designed to engage and stimulate the interests of Black people in STEM.

The Black List

science content, for the culture.

The Blacklist

Science Content, For The Culture


The BSM Hall of fame

Highlighting high achieving black scientists.

Black scientists may be underrepresented, but we are not under performing! Black scientists have made, and continue to make, ground breaking discoveries in the lab every day. Learn about world changing scientists in your community by clicking the link below!

What’s the tea tuesdays?

Debunking science myths in pop culture.

Did you know that humans did not evolve from monkeys, and vaccines do not cause autism? Click the link below to hear real science facts from real scientists, that look like you!!

Coach’s Corner

Educational resources to prepare you for a career in science

It’s time to get your head in the game! In the ‘Coach’s Corner’ you can get all the academic, career, and educational coaching that you need to prepare you to “shoot your shot” at your wildest scientific dreams!