Why Do Black Scientists Matter To You?


"I pride myself on living a dichotomy- who says you can't be a science nerd but still know the entire stat line of your favorite NBA players? Who says you can't have the periodic table memorized as thoroughly as you do every verse of Drake's "The Motto"? Who says you can't know the chemical structure of every ingredient in the Shea Moisture products that your favorite Youtuber uses? Who says you can't be a black girl with a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry?

Arianne H. Ph.D

"Black scientists matter to me because we are more than capable and knowledgeable enough to make groundbreaking contributions to science. Without black scientists we would not have the brilliant minds of Ron McNair, Charles Drew, George Washington Carver and the countless others who have paved the way for researchers like me to shine in the lab. Black scientists matter because we are living proof that we as black people can do anything we put our mind to.

Oderah U.



"100 years ago black scientists did not have the opportunities to use their knowledge to be pioneers in the science field, black scientists matter to me because our ancestors presented us with the platform to be change agents in today’s society. We as black scientists must continue to be influential leaders in health care, research, and biotechnology to reflect the advancement of our race. Black scientists matter because without us our people will be neglected from health, environmental, and ecological disparities that we as African Americans still battle today!"

Jamario J. B.S